Style of medieval Western European architecture

Megalithic reminiscences.The black sea area.

Crimea… the Outskirts of the village spring, two protruding blocks of rough stone. It’s menhirs – ancient monuments in the Crimea, set someone unknown and no one knows when. I recall once menhirs and dolmens of Brittany, Stonehenge, the dolmens of the Caucasus, ancient seafaring and Thor Heyerdahl. Interested in all this, is there a connection between these monuments? But no answer, silent menhirs. Stand up and go on a walk on mountain trails.

The megaliths. The menhirs. The dolmens.

The term “megalith”, from the Greek meaning “big stone”, appeared in the historical literature in the nineteenth century. Megaliths began to name the various ancient constructions from huge stones. The megaliths can be called the Egyptian pyramids and palaces of Persepolis and masses of the Neolithic, as can be seen by itself, the term is highly uncertain values. Therefore, under the megaliths more correct to understand the construction of the Neolithic-Eneolithic era, such as menhirs, dolmens. Continue reading

The Cathedral Of Notre Dame.

The most famous structure of early French Gothic architecture was the Cathedral of Notre Dame – Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris). Praised by Hugo, the Cathedral was not erected for “blank space” is here before him stood St. Stephen’s Basilica, and before it, in more ancient times, the Temple of Jupiter. Notre-Dame de Paris established in the early Gothic style, thus the architecture has preserved the characteristics of the Romanesque style. Beginning of construction of Notre-Dame de Paris belongs to 1163 during the reign of Louis VII French. The Central building was erected in 1196, the Western facade of the Cathedral was ready to 1208. The completion of the building dates back to 1345. To the creators of Notre Dame de Paris is considered the architect Jean de Chelles (worked from 1250 to 1265), Pierre de Montreuil (worked with 1265 on 1267гг.)* In addition, the construction of the facilities was involved and other architects and craftsmen: this is evidenced by some of the stylistic differences of different parts of the building. Continue reading

Kilmer Abbey in County Galway, Ireland

Abbey Kilmer is one of the most famous attractions in Ireland. The Abbey is located in County Galway at the foot of the mountain with a height of 530 metres, on the shores of a picturesque lake. Although this castle is a famous place in Ireland, we got here almost by chance, saw in the hotel brochure. Making a slight detour we got to kylemore Abbey, where you can enjoy a stroll at the foot of the mountains, to look into castle and Church, and to hear the history of the family of Margaret and Mitchell Henry.
Abbey Kilmor, Ireland
Abbey Kilmer is a luxury castle in the Victorian style. But in the Abbey the former estate of industrialist Mitchell Henry had become only after world war I, when this place arrived nuns from Ypres which is in Belgium. Kilmer hidden between the lake and the mountains and is surrounded by beautiful evergreen rhododendrons. To visit there are three rooms and a lobby, and other facilities as the personal use of the cells of the nuns. Continue reading

These buildings and monuments have recognized the most ugly in the world. Is it really so?

As recently revealed, the dignity of so many monuments slightly overestimated, and actually see there is nothing.

Tenth place

Slavic people have always been a thrust to art and delicate taste. In tenth place of our parade of the Moscow monument to Peter the Great . It is the largest monument ever erected in honor of the Emperor. It was built in 1997 on the Moscow river sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, the President of the Russian Academy of arts.

It’s funny that when the master offered his services to the Americans, in the hope that his sculpture of Christopher Columbus will decorate one of the streets of Jersey, they politely declined. Three times in a row. Well, not yours, so our. Foreign tourists call the monument ridiculous symbiosis “pirates of the Caribbean” with the cartoon characters of the Gothic Director Tim Burton. Continue reading

Mysterious construction in Alaska

On the green plain of the Alaska Peninsula includes large steel grating of 180 antennas, which together are the ultra-high frequency emitter. Its area is 60 square kilometers. Antennas emit radio waves with a capacity of 1.7 billion (!) watt. This is the largest transmitter in the world allegedly investigates phenomena in the ionosphere, which begins at an altitude of about 50 kilometers from the Earth’s surface and stretches more than 900 kilometers up into space. Here and sends its high-frequency radio beam of a giant system.

HAARP – secret government facility built to explain the high frequency active atmospheric phenomena (such as the Northern lights). Initially, the transmitter was designed to examine the nature of the ionosphere and the development of air and missile defense. But it has long been used for detecting submarines and carrying out imaging of the subsurface of the planet.

HAARP is located at thirteen kilometres to the North of the town of Gakona. Remote from major settlements, this area has a wide range of different ionospheric conditions. Continue reading

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Gothic churches
Gothic (Gothic style) is a historic artistic style that dominated Western European art in the period from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. General characteristics of Gothic style Gothic primarily…


Gothic churches
Gothic (Gothic style) is a historic artistic style that dominated Western European art in the period from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. General characteristics of Gothic style Gothic primarily…

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